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The quality of our products is a direct consequence of the design’s quality itself, of the company's internal profitability requirements and of the requirements of customers’ needs. Within our company, the quality control is not reduced to the role of passive detection, fault finding and recording deficiencies, but is designed to continuously optimize the production process. The company started to make the necessary steps for implementing the integrated quality management system ISO9001. Our capacities of production, quality testing and checking give us the possibility to have rich various outputs in periods that satisfy our customers’ requirements.
Audio amplifiers are designed to play a real sound at a real quality. The proposed solutions are available for the DIY audiophile customers, for the audio systems integrators and also for the professional audio equipment manufacturers. The design of amplifiers modules is intended to efficient integrate these modules into any audio system, and this efficiency is based on 100% use of components and accessories sold by TME company. If you recognize the importance of a good quality sound, we can offer you a good solution at a fair price.
Worldwide, the number of radio amateurs are over 6 million of which about 900,000 are just in the US. In Romania, they are over 6,000. Radio amateurs and technology co-developed and radio amateurs around the world have greatly influenced the study of wave propagation and the raising of necessary equipment for radiocommunication. For this sector that is continuously developing, our Company designed and performed a series of electronic modules which are unique on the specialized international market.
Quantity, quality and costs were also decisive factors in the automation systems’ development of the industrial process, and still they are. But nowadays customers are looking for something more when trying to implement automation systems: reliability and a high availability of productive resources, the capacity to produce a wider range of products within a minimum reconfiguration time. We are able to design and realize cutting-edge automation solutions for any tipe of business.

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